Hill Křemešník

The pilgrimage place Kremesnik is located at Ceskomoravska Vrchovina, 9kilometres southeastward of Pelhrimov. In 18th century the Baroque church on the hill top (765m) grew. Around it, from tree sides, cloisters with two chapels was built. The Stations of the Cross led to the peak. The Baroque chapel from 1689 (renewed before the World War II.) guards a spring with a curative water. This water flow through a silver ore and is a slightly radioactive. Approximately 400meters from the church a steel outlook tower has been built (open to public) offering many magnificent views of all directions.
Křemešník - churchKřemešník - church
Holy Trinity church
View-tower PípalkaView-tower Pípalka
View-tower Pipalka
View from view tower PípalkaView from view tower Pípalka
Sight from view-tower
Silver fountain under KřemešníkSilver fountain under Křemešník
Spring Stribrna studanka under Kremesnik
Větrný castle at KřemešníkVětrný castle at Křemešník
Small chateau Vetrny zamecek
Cruciate road to KřemešníkCruciate road to Křemešník
Stations of the Cross